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Email phishing: With general, mass-market phishing attacks, emails are sent to millions of potential victims to try to trick them into logging in to fake versions of very popular websites. Ironscales has tallied the most popular brands that hackers use in their phishing attempts. Spear phishing: When attackers craft a message to target a specific individual. For instance, the spear phisher might target someone in the finance department and pretend to be the victim’s manager requesting a large bank transfer on short notice. Whaling: Whale phishing, or whaling, is a form of spear phishing aimed at the very big fish-CEOs or other high-value targets like company board members. Gathering enough information to trick a really high-value target might take time, but it can have a surprisingly high payoff. In 2008, cybercriminals targeted corporate CEOs with emails that claimed to have FBI subpoenas attached. In fact, they downloaded keyloggers onto the executives’ computers-and the scammers’ success rate was 10%, snagging almost 2,000 victims.

By means of publishing and distributing a cycle of e-newsletters is also a popular strategy in email marketing. The e-newsletters consists featured articles and several short articles that provides useful tips for products. These are delivered through emails of potential customers who have subscribed. It also contains graphic elements or designs that are created as link that generates traffic for your site. The e-newsletters should be in a soft sell approach for the readers not to ignore it, especially your pitching your sales in an obvious manner. The customers or readers will consider your approach as spam. Lastly, your e-newsletter must interest the readers to purchase your product or services or would keep on visiting your site for information they want to know. Even if the suggested strategies are best for your business, you should also evaluate if email marketing is effective for a long time. Because once these methods do not produce good results, you should cut email marketing immediately. But if in cases you are enjoying the benefits of the email marketing campaign, do not stop using it. Above all if you are utilizing e-newsletters for your customers serving this as an evaluation/ feedback, and when you have observed that there is a significant increase of sales and website traffic in your business.

First, you have to go through each email individually and find the unsubscribe link. Then, you have to click on it. If you’re like most people, this is a time-consuming task that you’d rather avoid altogether. If you want a simpler way to unsubscribe from more email lists at once, consider using a bulk unsubscribe tool. Unsubscribing from unwanted emails without a bulk unsubscribe tool can take a lot of time and effort. Using an unsubscribe service helps you save both time and energy by eliminating the need to go through each email individually. There are lots of such tools available nowadays. However, you can also use Notion or LeaveMeAlone which are more secure. An email roll-up is a collection of emails that are grouped together and delivered at a specific time. For example, if you’ve subscribed to receive updates from five different newsletters, you could get an email roll-up once a day or once a week containing all the emails.

With this advanced phishing attack, criminals gain access to a company web server and steal the confidential information stored on the server. In malware attacks, recipients open phishing emails that contain malicious attachments. When clicked, the action installs malicious software on the user’s computer or on the company network. These attachments look like valid files. In some cases, they’re disguised as funny cat videos, eBooks, PDFs, or animated GIFs. This occurs when free Wi-Fi access points are spoofed. Victims unknowingly log into the wrong Wi-Fi hotspot. Wi-Fi access points commonly spoofed include those available in coffee shops, airports, hospitals, shopping malls, public parks, and other public gathering locations. A fraudulent SMS, social media message, voice mail, or other in-app message asks the recipient to update their account details, change their password, or tell them their account has been violated. The message includes a link used to steal the victim’s personal information or install malware on the mobile device.

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