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Sectoral Fairs – It Never Ends, Unless…

STAND UP, meanwhile, said that charter change had to be opposed completely, because the provisions that it includes will only further liberalize the economy and open it up to foreign exploitation. Alongside the costs merely from the constitutional convention, they say that charter change will greatly hurt the local economy in the long term as well. The Solarex Istanbul Fair will bring the sector together with environmentally friendly solutions. Industry Fair General Manager Süleyman Bulak, ICC pointed out that this year the fair celebrates the year xnumx’nc, development and efficiency of the energy sector in Turkey was underlined that grows along with the ICCI. However, when the ratio of total employment in the creative industries examined, Turkey is seen as lagging behind European countries. In addition, the adoption of other creative sectors of cooperation and innovation culture will be produced on the ground, and thus, both Ankara increase the value created in the creative industry and all of Turkey in particular, the expansion of employment opportunities and is expected to make more investments.

The square and its immediate surroundings will become a center of attraction again with the project developed by Assoc. The “Mimar Kemalettin Fashion Center Square Arrangement Concept Project” has been prepared by the faculty members of Izmir University of Economics (IUE) Faculty of Fine Arts and Design upon the request of Izmir Chamber of Commerce Manufacturing and Wholesale Trade Group and Mimar Kemalettin Fashion Center (MKMM). Prof. Onur Mengi, Lecturers İpek Kaştaş Uzun, Michael E. Young, Güneş Atakan Pekşen, IUE Graduate Architects Fatih Gülpınar, Seyit Koyuncu, and Industrial Designers Sıla Altuntaş and İdil Ersin under the direction of Prof. Ender Yazgan Bulgun, Dean of IUE Faculty of Fine Arts and Design. Dr. Fatih Birol, due to the cost-cutting effect of rock gas, the United States will become a favorite in terms of both energy and investments, he said. Under the project, beneficiaries from targeted sectors will receive consultancy services for product development and commercialization.

Mimar Kemalettin Fashion Center will turn into a 24-hour living space by designers from Izmir University of Economics. We want to turn the center into a venue that has fashion show areas, is open for 24 hours, and stays top-of-mind for visitors. Drawing attention to the fact that a multidisciplinary research group, consisting of faculty members of architecture, industrial design, interior architecture and environmental design, as well as textile and fashion design, is working, Prof. Bulgun emphasized that designs were created by preserving the historic texture of the buildings. The ICCI 200 fair, which has more than 2022 local and foreign participants, created a great satisfaction in its participants with its high visitor profile and intense conferences until the last day. But with the political situation only becoming more dangerous, the Left has made key alliances. Moreover, they suggest leveraging alliances with other nearby countries in resisting imperialism incursions. Similar in motivation to recent campaigns developed by other countries such as the Netherlands, Malaysia and New Zealand, Canada’s new brand represents one pillar of the federal government’s strategy to recruit greater numbers of international students to Canadian institutions and to promote Canadian education overseas in the increasingly competitive international education marketplace.

Unlike many countries focusing on the university-level market, Canada’s new logo is intended to be used by all levels of education, from primary through to further and higher education. And while provincial responsibility for education is not at question, this multi-scalar and multi-sectoral initiative represents a new structural response to concerns of competitiveness in the international education industry and for the potential labour force gains that foreign students who choose to remain in Canada, post-graduation, represent. An international “brand” for Canadian education was recently launched, marking the latest national government’s effort to gain market share in the global education sector. The fact that Canada has pursued an education brand is noteworthy as it signals a new, perhaps unprecedented, form of collaboration across the different levels of government in relation to international fairs and cost education. Particularly, the International Energy Agency Chief Economist. The only way out of the global energy and climate crisis is a solar energy system that is unlimited, renewable, and not dependent on raw materials. In the sessions, “Being an Energy Player in Global Markets: Energy Cooperations Abroad, Security of Supply in Electricity and Natural Gas, EU’s Green Consensus, RES-G and Carbon Tax at the Border, ‘Green Hydrogen’ in Turkey, Energy Cost and Carbon Reduction in Industry Important topics such as Turkey’s Roadmap in Renewable Energy, Energy Cost in Industry and Carbon Reduction drew attention.

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