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Angry animals pout at wildlife photographers in hilarious gallery

Wildlife photographers and pet owners have captured animals at their grumpiest for this hilarious gallery. 

From all over the world.these cats, hares, gorillas, hippos and birds were not ready for their close-ups. 

One snap showed an angry, angry hippo walking in South Luangwa National Park in Zambia as a flock of oxpeckers firmly holding on to his back.

Meanwhile, a gorilla at Bristol Zoo brazenly gave a photographer the middle finger to show he was not in the mood for snaps. 

Private pet owners also shared pictures of their pouting pets, including a miserable-looking moggy cat who ruined his owner’s pregnancy agreement by being a real sour puss in the pictures. 

This hilarious gallery captured annoyed-looking wild animals and pets, who have better things to do than pose for snaps: Pictured: Gladys Klip, 54, from Homer, Alaska, photographed this otter and her baby

Small, but mighty miffed!Janet Danks, 72, from Middlesborough snatched the portrait of his angry robin in the snow

Sometimes, you just want to be left alone.Radi the gorilla, who is one of the Kansas City Zoo’s tenant, looks unimpressed in this snap

Toby the moggy, from Gloucester, was born with a rare genetic condition meaning he looks permanently sad

Barking mad!This little pup looks so perpetually annoyed, it’s earned him the nickname of Grumpy Earl

A grumpy-looking hare photographed in the Cairngorms in Scotland stuck his tongue to the camera 

This angry gorilla at the Bristol Zoo was fed up of photographers snapping his picture and gave them the finger

Why me-ow?This Chinchilla Persian cat named Wilfred has a distinctive underbite that makes him look angry 

The baddest basset.Basset hound Buster looks very unimpressed in this picture taken by his owner

Plotting world domination? This pair of owlets always look like they’re up to no good, ready to start making trouble in the neighborhood

Angry, angry hippo.A flock of cheeky birds took a ride on the back on this unsuspecting hippopotamus at the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia

Hawk-scuze me?A bald Eagle looked ready to ruffle some feather when he was photographed by Gladys Klip

Frowning glory.This unimpressed gorilla was photographed frowning by UK phorographer Sarah Vaughton, 38, from Swansea at the Virunga National Park, in the Democratic Republic of Congo

This little Pekingese pup from the UK, named Oliver, looks as fluffy as he looks unimpressed in this snap

This determined-looking owl looks like he is plotting a coup in this picture by Pete Walkden, 47, taken at a Worcestershire farm

Matilda, an exotic shorthair cat, looked very offended when her owner Tina Buell, 44, tried to take a picture with her 

This wild hare  from Scotland looked as though he got a lump of coal in his stocking – as the poor creature was snapped ‘miserable and scowling’ at the first drops of snow falling on his head

Louis, a six-year-old Persian cat from Austin, Texas, did not seem to enjoy taking selfies with his owner Michelle Alexis 

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