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what happened to repladies on reddit and which branded bag is worth buying now?

If you are a reps fans or not live in rocks,you must know r/RepsLadies on best Agent Fashionreps reddit..But now all changed.

She flew away…

How do I get an invite to luxelife? I’ve been on rep ladies for best fashionreps reddit several years. Made purchased from Alice, Anna,Judyi and r/fashionreps reddit Tong . I live for the reviews and without the reviews I don’t think I would have ever felt comfortable purchasing pricey jewelry in this way. I unfortunately just purchased the worst Gucci rep I have ever purchased from Anna. I was so sad I wasn’t able to read a review before. It’s not always the seller, but likely a factory issue, since I have a wonderful ysl puffer I love and is perfect from Anna.

Anyhow after this disappointment I realize how important it is to have a Forum to write reviews and read reviews. Without this there is no accountability for sellers and safety for buyers. Anyhow can you all help me get accept your this forum.

I’m scared to make anymore purchases without my ladies reviews.

Does anyone know if there is a new community instead of my beloved repladies???

Or is there a plan to reopen it in the nearest future?

I just wanted to come on here and cry about RepLadies being gone. It was a really well run sub, and I miss it dearly! I tried looking at other popular subs, but they’re so overwhelming and the vibe is totally different! RL felt like a community and I appreciate mods so much more now. I’m happy to have found this sub, I feel like it’s the closest thing we’ve got!

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