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10 Sure fire tips to choose the best outdoor porcelain pavers

Porcelain pavers have become a highly sought-after option for converting outdoor living spaces into beautiful and usable areas. With its unparalleled strength, minimal maintenance needs, and availability in a wide range of designs, customers choose porcelain pavers. On the other hand, using the plurality of outdoor porcelain pavers available on the market might be difficult, especially with the climate, traffic through the area, and visual styles to evaluate. But don’t be too alarmed.

This informative guide will provide you with ten quick and easy ideas to confidently select the perfect outdoor pavers to fit your needs. You’ll go through every critical aspect, from evaluating the amount of durability or anti-skid ceramic tile flooring to installation and upkeep needs.

  1. Consider your climate

Before you choose a specific porcelain paver, make sure to consider the patterns of your region’s climate. Regardless of the inherently solid nature of porcelain under severe weather, some varieties are superior to others under given conditions. For instance, pavers in regions with constantly changing temperatures should not have a high rate of absorption: otherwise, they will expand and contract, leading to their cracking and warping. Additionally, in always high-humidity places such as mine, make sure to choose pavers with superior slip resistance and drainage properties.

  1. Evaluate the slip resistance

Slip resistance is the primary concern of safety when selecting outdoor porcelain pavers. Slipping and tripping off of the walkway is a frequent cause of injury, and it might lead to severe harm. To address the issue, the pavers should have high slip resistance to protect the walking path from slipping even when it is dry or moist. It is notably vital in locations that have water accumulations where water is challenging to clean, such as near the pool, patio, and home kitchens outside the house. Areas that receive much activity need additional slip resistance to avoid something unpleasant.

  1. Consider the traffic load

Another major factor that will determine the durable lifespan of your porcelain pavers outdoors is the frequency and intensity of foot traffic. If you expect the area to experience high levels of human and pet traffic, you are likely to invest in thicker and more robust flooring to last longer. Always choose pavers that are at least 2 cm or thicker with a higher breaking strength rating. The thicker and more robust models can better resist cracking, shattering, or tearing due to human traffic. However, thinner and affordable paver models up to 1 cm thick can be suitable for the outdoors where human activity is minimal.

  1. Inspect the surface texture

Surface texture is very important if you choose outdoor porcelain pavers. While a smooth, polished surface is excellent in terms of aesthetics and looks very modern and sophisticated over time, it can also become extremely slippery due to moisture exposure. If you decide to place pavers in areas with high humidity levels or near water, textured or honed finishes will prevent accidents. Paving tiles with subtle ridges and grooves help to create extra friction that can prevent slipping. Textured pavers also get scuffed and scratched less resealable, so they stay looking attractive regardless of frequent use.

  1. Prioritise aesthetic appeal

With the vast possibility of colour choices, patterns, and styles, you can personalise your outdoor haven to express your style and complement your architectural design. However, before deciding, consider the current colour scheme, architectural inspiration, and the surrounding landscape. Warm, natural colours bring an organic and welcoming vibe to the space, while cool, chromatic greys and blues help establish a sleek, contemporary feel. 

Detailed patterns and textures add variety, while solid colours are clean and minimalistic. Use a unifying accent colour or border to establish a cohesive theme or pull the remaining colours within the space into the overall motif. Ultimately, just as you would choose a floor tile for your kitchen or bathroom, your choice of porcelain paver can enhance and beautify your outdoor space.

  1. Check the porcelain quality

All porcelain pavers are not of equal quality. The best is made from clay that is dense and fine-grained, sintered at a high-temperature firing. Such tiles are highly impact-resistant and long-lasting. Purchase from a supplier with a history of producing superior tiles. Inspect the samples for uniformity of colour, texture, and size. Furthermore, since they are highly dense, the better the porcelain ones will have minimal porosity and water absorption rate. This ensures that they remain beautiful in a high-traffic area for many years to come.

  1. Explore installation options

When it comes to installation, porcelain pavers offer a range of possibilities. In addition to dry-laid systems, they can be installed with a mortar bed and a variety of pedestal bases. Again, the choice depends on preferences and the specifics of a certain project, be it drainage, required height, or accessibility.

  1. Factor in maintenance requirements

Porcelain pavers are less tedious to maintain compared to many other hardscaping materials, but they must always be treated well to maintain their lustre and longevity. Take into account the maintenance requirements for numerous types of porcelain pavers like cleaning and sealing.

  1. Assess the cost and value

Remember, the expense and scope of porcelain pavers range from the quality of the porcelain to the dimensions and, in some cases, the brand-making picking the most economical option tempting. Outdoor porcelain pavers are a long-term commitment. You should not only concentrate solely on the price but also review the value and total durability to make an educated consideration.

  1. Consult with professionals

Finally, don’t hesitate to consult with professionals if you are still unsure which porcelain pavers are ideal for your outdoor space. Landscapers, contractors, or design experts can provide valuable guidance, recommend products that best suit your needs, and ensure proper installation to achieve the dream results.


Choosing the best outdoor porcelain pavers is a combination of understanding one’s needs, taking into account critical factors, and making an informed decision from a reputable porcelain supplier. By following these 10 surefire tips, you will face the selection process well-prepared and ready to make a smart choice. You will have a unique and aesthetically appealing model for many years that will meet your and the guests’ eyes.

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