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Tips to Avoid Shivering of Hands during The IELTS Exam

Shivering hands are a sign that you are an overthinker but a responsible person. Yes, usually, this happens when you go through something that is very important to your dreams and careers or maybe responsibilities. 

There comes a time when the situation for which you have waited for a very long time happens and the anxiety to excel in it gets elevated. We can take the example of the IELTS exam as well. This is an important exam for students who have a prolonged dream to study abroad. 

Their dream is just the next step to this exam. If they achieve the required band score, they can go ahead with the execution of the visa application process, otherwise, they have to attempt the exam again, hence, delaying the transformation of their dream into reality. 

Hence, many students when taking the exam experience shivering hands which makes things quite chaotic for them. They find it hard to click on the right option or hold a pen as their hands are excessively shivering. This article will help you know some of the best tips that can help stop shivering and take the exam confidently.

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Tips to avoid shivering of hands during the IELTS exam:

Focus management 

Managing focus is necessary and can help you avoid shivering hands. Since our childhood, the education system has made us look upon exams as a monster. It lacks the strategies to help us maintain our focus on what is important. But now, you have to change it by believing your exams as an opportunity to assess your performance and grow. 

Additionally, learn to manage your focus on the tasks that are going on in the following ways:

  • Practice dishing with a natural focus 
  • Walk on grass barefoot and focus on the coolness
  • Do all your tasks with a natural focus without giving long attention to the thoughts coming to your mind. 

Learn to manage thoughts 

Expertise in managing thoughts is also essential. You must be able to quickly shift your focus from a negative thought to a positive one and meditation will help you with that. In the early hours of the morning, sit peacefully with yourself and practice giving attention to the positive affirmation or a Mantra whose meaning you are aware of. 

This will help you quickly shift your focus to the questions in the exam rather than the negative thoughts that usually occur during the exam day.

Face challenges 

Don’t get stuck in your comfort zone if you want to grow and perform well. Face the challenges around you and consider them an opportunity to grow. Taking the IELTS sample papers daily will work as the best challenge that will not only help you grow your knowledge but also help you adapt to the exam-like scenario quickly. 


Neglecting self-care due to excessive daydreaming, sleeping, and other activities is bad. You must know where you need to take a break and get some time to listen to yourself. In fact, embrace skin-care routines with natural products such as cucumber and get time to talk to your inner self. Taking care of yourself is important to ace the exam. 

Learn to ignore 

You shiver because you fail to ignore the things that you should. You must develop an expertise in giving importance to the things and the tasks that are important to you rather than the negative behavior of the people. 

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Lastly, offer your best and never regret it. The world wants you to grow and sometimes greedy in that context. You know your limits well and know the strenuous efforts that you have put in to make it happen. You just need to understand the capacity that your God has delivered to you and respect that. Believe in offering the best and never regret what is going to happen next. 

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