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Hindi Numbers 1 – 25 (हिंदी गिनती १-२५)

Counting is one of the fundamental skills in any language, and Hindi Numbers is no exception. Whether you’re a language enthusiast, a traveler planning to visit India, or simply want to connect with Hindi-speaking friends or family, mastering Hindi numbers is a crucial step. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the Hindi numerical system from 1 to 25, along with pronunciation tips, cultural insights, and effective learning strategies.

Basics of Counting in Hindi

Before diving into specific numbers, let’s understand the basics of counting in Hindi. Hindi, like many other languages, follows a decimal numeral system. This means that the digits are based on powers of 10. The Hindi script, Devanagari, adds a unique aesthetic to the numbers, making them visually distinct.

Numbers 1-10 (एक से दस तक)

  1. एक (Ek) – One
  2. दो (Do) – Two
  3. तीन (Teen) – Three
  4. चार (Char) – Four
  5. पाँच (Paanch) – Five
  6. छह (Chhah) – Six
  7. सात (Saat) – Seven
  8. आठ (Aath) – Eight
  9. नौ (Nau) – Nine
  10. दस (Das) – Ten

Numbers 11-20 (ग्यारह से बीस तक)

Moving on to the teens and twenties:

  1. ग्यारह (Gyarah) – Eleven
  2. बारह (Baarah) – Twelve
  3. तेरह (Terah) – Thirteen
  4. चौदह (Chaudah) – Fourteen
  5. पंद्रह (Pandrah) – Fifteen
  6. सोलह (Solah) – Sixteen
  7. सत्रह (Satarah) – Seventeen
  8. अठारह (Atharah) – Eighteen
  9. उन्नीस (Unnis) – Nineteen
  10. बीस (Bees) – Twenty

Numbers 21-25 (इकीस से पच्चीस तक)

  1. इकीस (Ikis) – Twenty-One
  2. बाईस (Baais) – Twenty-Two
  3. तेईस (Teis) – Twenty-Three
  4. चौबीस (Chobis) – Twenty-Four
  5. पच्चीस (Pachchis) – Twenty-Five

Pronunciation Guide

It’s essential to pay attention to the pronunciation of Hindi numbers to ensure clarity in communication. Practice each number carefully, focusing on the correct enunciation of consonants and vowels.

Common Uses of Hindi Numbers

Hindi numbers find application in various aspects of daily life, from telling time and expressing quantities to discussing age and making purchases. Understanding Hindi numbers opens doors to effective communication in diverse situations.

Counting in Hindi Culture

Numbers hold cultural significance in Hindi-speaking regions, often associated with religious rituals, auspicious occasions, and traditional beliefs. Exploring the cultural context enhances your understanding of Hindi numerals.

Importance of Learning Hindi Numbers

Whether for travel, business, or personal enrichment, learning Hindi numbers enriches your cultural and linguistic repertoire. It fosters cross-cultural connections and demonstrates respect for the Hindi-speaking community.

Tips for Memorizing Hindi Numbers

Memorization can be challenging but rewarding. Employ mnemonic devices, practice regularly, and immerse yourself in Hindi language and culture to enhance retention and fluency.

Interactive Learning Methods

Engage in interactive learning activities such as games, quizzes, and conversations with native speakers to reinforce your understanding of Hindi numbers in a dynamic and enjoyable manner.

Practice Exercises

Put your knowledge to the test with practice exercises designed to reinforce your proficiency in counting and using Hindi numbers in real-life scenarios.

Fun Ways to Learn Hindi Numbers

Learning doesn’t have to be tedious. Explore fun and creative approaches like songs, rhymes, and visual aids to make the learning process enjoyable and memorable.

Resources for Further Learning

Expand your knowledge of Hindi language and culture with curated resources, including books, online courses, language apps, and cultural events.


Mastering Hindi numbers is a gateway to deeper cultural understanding and effective communication with Hindi speakers worldwide. By familiarizing yourself with the numerical system and embracing diverse learning methods, you embark on a rewarding journey of linguistic and cultural discovery.

Unique FAQs

  1. Why are Hindi numbers important to learn? Hindi numbers are essential for basic communication, cultural appreciation, and practical interactions in Hindi-speaking regions.
  2. How can I improve my pronunciation of Hindi numbers? Practice regularly, listen to native speakers, and seek feedback to refine your pronunciation skills.
  3. Are there any cultural taboos associated with certain numbers in Hindi culture? Yes, certain numbers are considered unlucky or auspicious based on cultural beliefs and superstitions.
  4. What are some mnemonic devices for memorizing Hindi numbers? Mnemonics can vary based on individual preferences, but associating each number with a memorable image or rhyme can aid in retention.
  5. Where can I find additional resources for learning Hindi numbers and language? Explore online platforms, language schools, cultural centers, and community events for a wealth of resources catering to learners of all levels.

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