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Study Visa Rejections and Resolutions for Canada

It has been observed in prior years that most students would rather study overseas than in their own countries after graduating from senior secondary school. However, the Canadian government has indicated that it will be closing the foreign student visa program. Due to the country’s housing issue. As a result, the number of student visa rejections to Canada will rise.

What therefore may be done to prevent rejections? Before we can find answers, we must first understand the causes of rejections. It’s essential to review all of the grounds for visa rejections. If you also intend to relocate to Canada with the next intake. The main causes of student visa denials in the current situation have been covered in this article, along with pertinent remedies.

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The following lists the primary causes of Canada student visa refusals along with their remedies:

Selecting a Study Program

First and foremost, remember that your entire visa is determined by the course you choose. Most applicants are turned away. Because they selected a course of study that has nothing to do with their prior coursework or professional background. Additionally, your study visa may only be accepted if the course you have chosen aligns with your long-term goals. To guarantee that you choose the best option, it is therefore best to consult experts when making your decision.

Not Enough Money

The authorities will only allow your visa if you can provide proof that you have enough money to pay for both your education and living expenses while you are a student in Canada.

To pursue higher education in Canada, you must have at least 20,635 CAD in your GIC account and pay the annual university or college tuition. In addition, you have to submit bank statements as proof that you have enough money. This will prove that you can cover the expenses for the upcoming year. Making financial plans in advance is better than running into financial problems afterward.

Inappropriate Records

Most of the time, incorrect paperwork could lead to a visa being denied. Therefore, be sure to include all the paperwork needed for the filing procedure. Remember that every document needs to be authentic and unique. Your study permit for Canada could be refused if you submit a fake document or none at all. Make sure you scan your documents correctly before submitting them.

Reduced Language Test Scores

You can not be granted a student visa to Canada if you do not receive the minimum needed results on the English language proficiency exam. At the moment, an overall IELTS score of 6 and an overall PTE score of 60 are the minimum accepted scores for studying in Canada. In the same way, certain exams require a minimum grade. Examine the minimum requirements for scores set by different universities to prevent issues later.

Lacking a LOA granted by DLI

To continue your education in Canada, you need an offer letter from a school that has been recognized by the DLI, according to immigration regulations. There is a chance that the visa will be refused or denied if it is not DLI-approved.

Absence of Family Relationships

The authorities will not grant you a study visa if you are unable to provide proof that, once finishing your education in Canada, you will return to your home country. Because of this, you must write a strong SOP that expresses your desire to return home after completing your education in Canada.

You should also explain how graduating from a Canadian university can help you get the job you want back home. In addition, you could give other compelling arguments for your close ties to your nation.

Criminal Past

Your chances of having your visa denied are increased if you have ever been convicted of a crime. It is OK to ignore any criminal history you may have. Therefore, you can present relevant facts to support yourself in getting over the visa denial.

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In conclusion, these are the main causes of the Canada student visa denial. If you wish to avoid being denied and hope to obtain your visa through another application, you can adhere to the previously provided methods. Above all, for best outcomes, ensure that your file is submitted carefully and with the assistance of an expert.

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