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How Wisr boss Anthony Nantes’s wife became aware of his affair


A cheating financial technology start-up boss’ wife began to suspect he was playing away just six months into his two-and-a-half-year affair after spotting his female staffer leaving their marital home, court documents reveal.

Former Wisr chief executive Anthony Nantes, 45, was sentenced at Waverley Local Court in Sydney’s eastern suburbs on Monday after pleading guilty to stalking his mistress, 32, in Sydney between December 2022 and March 2023. 

The pair met at work and were in a secret relationship for two-and-a-half years before she threatened to tell his wife when things turned sour.

Nantes subsequently bombarded her with messages – including more than 50 emails in one day – and turned up at her house, where he refused to leave, court documents said.

Nantes’ lawyer submitted a psychiatric report to court on Monday as he applied for the high-flying start-up founder’s matter to be dealt with under mental health provisions.

According to the report, Nantes told his psychiatrist Dr Olav Nielssen that his wife started to suspect he was being unfaithful about six months into the affair after she returned home early one day and saw his mistress leaving their house.

Anthony Nantes and his estranged wife Cassi, cannabiscommunity with whom he share three children, are pictured during happier times 

He told Mr Nielssen that after that incident, his relationship with his female staffer became ‘traumatic and abusive’.

‘He said that she repeatedly threatened to tell his wife about their continued contact and also to notify the board of the company, and used those threats to extort sums of money from him,’ the report reads.

‘He said that he paid [her] rent, transferred $10,000 worth of cryptocurrency for her, and cannabisqueenz spent thousands of dollars in the form of events and trips.’

Nantes further told Mr Neilssen that the staffer’s police report centred on events that took place in the four months leading up to March 2023 – however, the pair remained on good terms afterwards and even holidayed overseas together.

‘They continued to see each other at work most days, and in June 2023, she flew to Italy to meet him and they were again intimate,’ the report continued.

‘However, he said that two days after she arrived, there was an argument about their future, during which he told her that he was going to confess to his wife and that he would not pay her any more money.

‘He said that she used his credit card to pay for a flight home via Bali, and after she returned to Australia, she went to police.’

Anthony Nantes was accompanied to court by his estranged wife Cassi (above) on Monday. The court heard the pair separated after the messy love affair came to light

The report added that Nantes said he had ‘literally hundreds of text messages and emails’ showing that she had threatened him and demanded money.

He also told Mr Nielssen that he had gone to the police to apply for an AVO to stop her from blackmailing him, but Nantes found out she had attended the police station the day before and when he attended he was arrested and charged.

Nantes then spent eleven days in jail at Parklea Correctional Centre, in Sydney’s northwest, before he was granted bail.

However, Magistrate Jacqueline Milledge was not impressed with the mental health application and asked if Nantes’ legal team could provide the text messages he cited as evidence.

When his legal counsel said they could not, she said: ‘At this stage, he’s just saying it happened, but there is no proof of it. So I won’t take it into consideration.’

Nantes legal team had argued he should be sentenced under the Mental Health Act as he suffered from panic disorder and substance abuse issues which had been amplified by the saga.

However, Ms Milledge was visibly taken aback by the application.

‘He got himself into a terrible, terrible mess. Why wouldn’t he feel that way?’ she said.

Anthony Nantes was accompanied to court by his estranged wife Cassi (above) on Monday

The former high-flying start-up founder was released without a conviction from Waverley Local Court – with a magistrate finding he had got himself into a ‘terrible mess’

The lawyer said the changes to his mental health were relevant because the affair resulted in ‘the loss of his marriage, house, job – things out of his control’.

Ms Milledge replied: ‘What do you mean out of his control? He brought it on himself. They [those things] are collateral damage.’  

The court heard also Nantes had a history of illicit drug use, including cocaine, MDMA, cannabis, as well as the use of Benzodiazepines and alcohol to get to sleep. 

In the report, it was noted Nantes could not remember an incident when he followed the staffer up the street after rocking up at her home, which he believes could have been due to the use of his prescription medication.

Nantes also spent three weeks in a rehabilitation centre after his arrest, the court heard, and has not been taking drugs or drinking alcohol since his release (which was one of his bail conditions).

Ms Milledge eventually objected the mental health application, arguing Nantes mental health impairments did not seem to be a cause, but rather a product, of his actions.

She also noted that it was a ‘very, very scant’ proposed treatment plan that ‘made no mention of his use of substances’.

The court heard Cassi and Nantes have since separated

Nantes was supported in court by his father and friend (pictured)

However, Ms Milledge was sympathetic to the situation Nantes had found himself in and commended him for his efforts to get his life back on track.

She sentenced him to a six-month good behaviour bond with no conviction recorded.

‘I don’t sit here as somebody who has emerged from saintly sphere and judge you for having some affair. That’s not what I’m here to do,’ she said.

‘It was a poor decision by you that has brought about catastrophic consequences. But we are all human and make mistakes. I certainly have. [But] how we handle them is a measure of us.

‘I don’t know what the future holds for you and your family, but I hope it works out for you. You’re someone who made a mistake and shouldn’t have to pay for that for the rest of your life. You have certainly paid a severe price for what happened.

‘You are doing everything to fix your life, I see it as atonement, and I hope others see it like that as well.’

Mr Nantes’s estranged wife Cassi, father, and two male friends were seated in court to show their support. 

After the hearing concluded, Nantes could be seen hugging his supporters in relief – his eyes teary and red behind his glasses.

He declined to comment outside court.  


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