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Biotin Tablets: Price Check in Pakistan

When it comes to purchasing biotin tablets in Pakistan, understanding the prevailing prices can help you make informed decisions and find the best value for your money. Here’s a price check to give you an idea of the current costs of biotin tablets price in Pakistan market:

1. Premium Brands

Premium brands of biotin tablets in Pakistan typically range from PKR 1,500 to PKR 3,000 for a one-month supply. These brands often offer higher dosage strengths and premium formulations with additional vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts to support hair, skin, and nail health.

2. Mid-Range Brands

Mid-range brands of biotin tablets are priced more affordably, ranging from PKR 800 to PKR 1,500 for a one-month supply. These brands provide effective biotin supplementation without the hefty price tag, making them popular choices for many consumers.

3. Budget-Friendly Options

Budget-friendly options, including generic or store-brand biotin tablets, are available at even lower price points. You can find these options priced between PKR 300 to PKR 800 for a one-month supply, making them suitable for those on a tight budget.

4. Sales and Promotions

Keep an eye out for sales, promotions, and discounts offered by retailers and online platforms. Many brands offer special deals, such as buy-one-get-one-free offers or discounts on bulk purchases, which can help you save money on biotin tablets.

5. Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces such as Daraz, OLX, and others offer a wide selection of biotin tablets from various brands at competitive prices. Prices may vary between sellers, so be sure to compare prices and take advantage of any discounts or special offers available.

6. Generic Alternatives

Generic alternatives or store-brand biotin tablets are often priced more affordably compared to name-brand supplements. These options provide essential biotin supplementation at lower price points, ranging from PKR 200 to PKR 500 for a one-month supply.


When purchasing biotin tablets in Pakistan, consider your budget, preferences, and health goals to find the best option for you. Whether you opt for premium brands, mid-range options, or budget-friendly alternatives, prioritize product quality, efficacy, and safety. By comparing prices, taking advantage of sales and promotions, and exploring online marketplaces, you can find biotin tablets that offer the best value for your needs

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