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Top 5 in-Demand Jobs for NewComers in Manitoba

The Canadian Province of Manitoba has a thriving job market and diverse economy. Many Indians choose Manitoba as their intended destination to apply for Canada PR Visa from India. The Province offers various pathways for skilled overseas workers and entrepreneurs to immigrate to the province and contribute to the growth of its economy.

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is driven locally and based on the needs of employers in the Province. MPNP chooses overseas experienced and trained workers having the skills required in the labor market locally.

MPNP List of In-Demand Occupations

For better identification of candidates who can fulfill the needs of the employers in the Manitoba province, MPNP identifies the occupations in demand. The list is based on the labor market data in the province, occupational predictions, and direct consultations with employers.

So if you are an aspiring immigration candidate to Manitoba, you must confirm if your occupation is an Occupation in demand in Manitoba. Several occupations included in the list are restricted to particular immigration categories under MPNP. Applicants have to fulfill the precise criteria and requirements for one of the specific categories included under every stream.

Applicants employed in an in-demand occupation are prioritized during EOI – Expression of Interest draws.

Top 5 in-demand Occupations: 2022-26

 S.NoOccupationNet Job OpeningsAnnual Shortage
1Transport Truck Drivers4,300470
2Registered Nurses3,030295
3Wholesale and Retail Trade Managers2, 180295
4Kindergarten and Elementary Teachers2, 790237
5Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics1, 550199

Great demand for Truck Drivers

The workforce in Manitoba is expanding at a rate to provide adequate workers for job vacancies till 2026 according to the Labor Market Outlook of Manitoba. However, when it comes to specific sectors and some jobs, there are several industries and occupations that will face a scarcity of workers in the next 5 years, adds the report.

The demand for Truck Drivers in Manitoba is enormous and it is estimated that the annual rate of vacancy for this occupation will be 470. It is likely that there will be 4,300 unfilled job openings by 2026.

Economic Development Winnipeg Senior Economist Chris Ferris said that the demand for Truck Drivers has intensified over the years. Truckers are aging and replacement is not at the same pace, he added.

The top in-demand job in Manitoba is Truck Drivers and it does not need a Post-secondary education credential. It is thus a job role that can be filled by newcomers, said Ferris.

Manitoba Truckers Association Communications Officer Susan Green said that a smooth path is needed for all available job vacancies. Whether it is a young adult or newcomer, we require that these roles are filled with skilled and safe drivers, added Green.

Business Related Occupations

Manitoba Province is also witnessing a scarcity of workers having a background in business. The second top in-demand occupation in the province is Wholesale and Retail Trade Manager is tied with Nurses. Both these occupations have been projected to have a yearly job vacancy of 295 positions each.

The economic outlook for the province has also highlighted the shortage of graduates who have a business and management background. This is because 87% of the job openings in managerial roles are likely to arise from retirements in the upcoming years.

The MCC – Manitoba Chambers of Commerce has said that enhancing the appeal of the province to managerial experience workers and entrepreneurs is vital in addressing the shortage of skills.

MCC CEO and President Chuck Davidson said that professionals can seek other provinces offering higher income and consequently higher savings. Manitoba needs to become competitive in this aspect, he added. We must investigate this and find ways to retain professionals in Manitoba, explained the MCC CEO.

Manitoba Seeks to Allure Workers

Trade, Investment, and Economic Development Minister of Manitoba Jeff Wharton has said that the Government is working towards alluring skilled immigrants inclusive of taxation and earnings. He added that there are already factors that are appealing to skilled workers to live in Manitoba. This needs to be highlighted to the prospective employees, explained the Minister.

Wharton elaborated that housing prices in the Province are excellent and competitive and the hydro rates are among the lowest nationally. While we have much to offer, we must continually focus on fresh youngsters graduating from Manitoba and retain them to work here, he said.

Workers with precise skill sets will remain in huge demand in Manitoba in the upcoming years and also occupations requiring minimal formal training. As a matter of fact, the educational level experiencing the maximum labor gap is the ‘no post-secondary’ category.

3,860 job openings in Manitoba need only high school studies or OJT – on-the-job training.

The Government of Manitoba is looking towards immigration to cater to the scarcity of workers from High School grads to University graduates.

Wharton said that increasing immigration and seeking skilled workers to fill the job vacancies in Manitoba is one of the options.

Communities seeking Skilled Workers

Communities of Manitoba that are seeking skilled immigrants are:

  • Arborg
  • Beausejour
  • Brandon
  • Carberry
  • Dauphin
  • Gimli
  • Ile des Chênes
  • Killarney
  • La Broquerie
  • Lorette
  • Minnedosa
  • Morden
  • Neepawa
  • Niverville
  • Portage la Prairie
  • Roblin
  • Russell
  • Selkirk
  • Ste. Anne
  • Steinbach
  • Swan River
  • Thompson
  • Virden
  • Winkler
  • Winnipeg
  • The capital city of Manitoba Winnipeg is a world-class city having a population of 758,000 and abundant education, entertainment, and employment options. The housing process in the city is among the lowest nationally in Canada.

Winnipeg has emerged as a favored option for immigrants to Canada as it is highly affordable and offers enhanced work-life balance in comparison with other cities in Canada.To apply for immigration to Manitoba as a skilled worker, to know your estimated score under the CRS calculator and IELTS band required for Canada connect with Immigration Experts at Nationwide Visas.

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