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Speciality Chemicals Industry in New Jersey

The specialty chemicals industry in New Jersey delivers quality raw materials and innovative solutions to a wide range of customers. The state’s specialised chemicals enterprises are at the forefront of delivering raw ingredients and solutions that fuel innovation and growth in industries ranging from rubber to medicines.
The specialised chemicals business in New Jersey makes a substantial contribution to the state’s economy. The industry, which focuses on innovation, research, and development, fuels the state’s economic growth and job creation.
The specialised chemicals sector in New Jersey is a centre for innovation and research. With a focus on producing new and innovative solutions, the industry is leading the way in fueling the state’s growth and innovation.

The specialised chemicals market can be divided into several primary segments, each servicing a particular industry and application. Some of the important segments are:

Specialty Polymers
Speciality polymers are high-performance polymers with distinguishing characteristics such as heat stability, chemical resistance, and mechanical strength. These polymers are used in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, and construction, where traditional polymers may not match the necessary criteria.

Surfactants & Emulsifiers
Many household, personal care, and industrial items rely on surfactants and emulsifiers for their functionality. They have an important function in decreasing surface tension, allowing the mixing of incompatible components, and improving formulation stability and performance. Surfactants and emulsifiers are commonly employed in detergents, cosmetics, agrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

Specialty additives are chemicals that are added to various products to improve their performance or impart special characteristics. These additives may include antioxidants, UV stabilisers, flame retardants, and anti-corrosion compounds, among other things. They are widely utilised in plastics, coatings, lubricants, and adhesives to enhance durability, stability, and functionality.

Speciality Chemicals Industry in New Jersey

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